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SHINE BRONZE - hair & body nurturing dry oil

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Our 100% natural nurturing dry oil #shinebronze will not only make your skin and hair smoother but will literally make you shine. Give your body&hair a gorgeous glow and make sure your skin gets some extra attention.

This unique mixture is quickly absorbable, smells amazing and does not make your skin greasy. It emphasises your tan, moisturises your skin and adds some summer glitter to your evening look.

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Shake it so the glitter gets going, then apply it on your body. Your skin will get instantly refreshed, your tan emphasised & your body will shine with a minimalistic glitter. Like this:

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Perfect mix of 3 different 100% natural oils with no added nasties. The cherry on top is the added grape kernel oil which is known to the industry of cosmetics as a very valuable ingredient. Quickly absorbable, gentle oil that shines when applied on the skin with a mesmerising smell and premium look glitter.

To optimise your tan gaining results and take proper care of your skin and hair here is what we recommend:

If your skin is bright use a cream with protective factor (15-25) first and apply shine brown over it for the first few days in the sun

  • Drink a lot of water (3-4 L) during tanning
  • Eat a lot of fruit. Yes cocktail fruit counts… ;)
  • Stay in the sun from 8-11am and after 4pm
  • Apply the cream everyday when you are in the sun
  • Use #AFTERSUN cream to calm your skin down every evening
  • Use #ALOEVERA gel on the areas which have been exposed the most
  • Use #COCONUTBOMB hair mask to refresh your hair, making it soft for the evening
  • Use #SHINEBRONZE for that extra evening glow
  • Get beauty sleep, a lot of it!

Our principal goal is to help you get that perfect summer tan in less time and without excessively exposing your skin to the harmful effects of the sun. Let our #shinebrown do the magic during those golden tanning hours before 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. by speeding up the tanning process.

We want you to be proud of your tan and smell like a tropical goddess, but at the same time we want to give your skin the right treatment during and after sunbathing & get you glowing all summer long.

With that in mind, our goal is to continue making products that will not only nurture your skin but also make it softer and smoother, so you can get that perfect tan that you’ve always wanted and shine like a sun-kissed star under the summer sky.

Shine like a goddess!

Tropical scent. Rejuvenated skin. Emphasised tan. Heads will turn as you glow by...

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Our #shinebronzegirls are in love with it.

Shine bronze will get you some extra attention, trust me

I love your brand, it gives awesome tanning tips and the products are #1 in the world

Shine bronze is the best product in the world. It looks great of skin, yes, but the effects it has are out of this world.

I am in love with your #shinebronze, I never felt so confident going out!

Real queens make others shine too. Grab a few for your crew & save some money (for cocktails).

Trust us, it’s addictive... grab an extra bottle for yourself and glow longer.

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