Shine Brown Two-Phase Super Tanning Spray

Two-phase super tanning spray (100 ml)
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Increase the intensity of tanning and care for your skin at the same time with our premium tanning spray.
This two-phase deep tanning spray with natural oils and hyaluronic acid is a revolutionary product – you’ve never used anything like it before! It will give you a beautiful dark natural tan in the shortest time possible with an innovative two-phase BYROKKO™ formula which combines the benefits of oils for faster tanning with top-notch ingredients.
Easy application
No self-tanner needed
Suitable for all skin types
Warm and sunny mango scent

Two-phase super spray oil for top-notch tanning will give you the darkest tan possible – the biggest innovation on the market!

Double phase = double action!

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Product info

Upgrade your tanning routine with this skin-loving innovation! Our revolutionary two-phase tanning spray with a new BYROKKO™ formula will give you your darkest tan yet and at the same time improve the texture of your skin. Double phase means double action: top layer of the spray contains oils for faster tanning while the bottom layer brings you top-notch ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B and others. No alcohol added! Shake well before use and your two-phase spray is ready to go. All these ingredients will create a gorgeous, long-lasting golden tan you’ve never seen before. We made sure our product has a lightweight texture that hydrates the skin as well. Once applied and spread, it disappears from the skin without leaving a greasy residue. The result? Youthful-looking, silky soft skin which is also moisturized and protected from drying out. On top of that, it smells incredibly good!

All skin types, including sensitive ones, will love our two-phase spray since it will help them achieve a beautiful intense tan without the need for a self-tanner. Moreover, it can be used in the sun as well as in tanning beds. The application is easy, non-greasy, fast absorbing, and doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky or tacky. It will provide you with an immediate glow and hydration, intensify tanning and secure healthy bronze complexion. Your skin deserves only the best: give it a radiant sun-kissed look with a seductive mango scent. This is your holiday must-have!

ByRokko cares

Chemical nasties? No, thanks. Tested on animals? Definitely not: we are PETA-approved. Only premium ingredients? Yes, of course!

BYROKKO takes no shortcuts in bringing you the best for your skin. Our products contain only the finest natural, nourishing ingredients loved by every skin type.

All topped with our exclusive BYROKKO™ formula & the famous scent that will take you to a tropical paradise.

What’s inside

BYROKKO products are developed with nature in mind. They contain no nasties, parabens or sulfates, just the best premium ingredients.

Our innovative Shine Brown two-phase spray contains:

  • High-quality natural oils: carrot oil supports skin preparation for sun exposure, walnut oil leaves your skin soft and well moisturized, hazelnut oil hydrates your skin
  • Vitamin B
  • Hyaluronic acid, one of the most sough-after ingredients
Aqua, Juglans Regia Seed Oil, Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, Undecane, Corylus Avellana Seed Oil, Hydrogenated polyisobutene, Tridecane, Sodium Pca, Parfum, D-Panthenol, Sodium Chloride, Beta – Carotene, Sodium lactate, Gluconolactone, Dipropylene glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Phytate, Hexyl salicylate, Limonene, Tocopherol, Propylene glycol, Allyl hexanoate, Linalool, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate.
How to apply the Shine Brown two-phase spray?

Shake the bottle well to combine both layers of the product and spray evenly on your skin. The spray absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky layer.

Does it contain an UV-protection?

Shine Brown two-phase spray does not contain protection from the UV-rays, so be sure to apply your usual sunscreen before using Shine Brown two-phase super tanning spray. You can for instance use our BYROKKO SPF25!

What happens if I go swimming after using it?

We recommend you re-apply after water exposure to make sure that your skin absorbs the active tanning ingredients properly.

Our mission

Our principal goal is to share our knowledge of #smarttanning and assure you a beautiful and natural bronze tan.

We are bringing you the beauty of a glowing tan in the form of our lush, natural tanning products.

Step up your tanning game & be your perfect self.

Apply all over your body for a quick, deep and glossy tan under the sun or in a sunbed!

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(1139 reviews)
Barbara P.
Verified buyer
Apply all over your body for a quick, deep and glossy tan under the sun or in a sunbed!
Nancy P.
Verified buyer
Absolutely love it! First time ever trying this product and I was impressed. Laid out for almost 1 hour and resprayed as needed and got a really good base tan. Will definitely be my go to from now on!!!!
Nancy S.
Verified buyer
I will buy this again. I love all BYROKKO products but this stuff is incredible. I am a very fair skinned guy from Sweden and I discovered BYROKKO on vacation and since then used it every time I'm in the sun. It works perfect and like everything else this stuff is amazing. First of all it smells like MANGO and will make you smell sooo good.
Barbara D.
Verified buyer
I tan okay normally but I can’t hold a tan. This has definitely helped extend if I miss a few days in the sun.
Brenda J.
Verified buyer
When I say I’ve used hundreds of tanning oils I really have used HUNDREDS. There is not ONE that compares to this one. It smells so good and this two-phase formula really works!
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The ultimate innovation for xxl tanning

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