Watermelon Tan Bundle

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Super fast tanning cream (200 ml) + premium oil for express tan (145 ml) + two-phase spray for express tan (104 ml)

Your favorite tanning formulas in a bundle – now with a fresh, delicate watermelon scent!


High performance tanning formula that enables extremely fast natural tanning and richly nourishes the skin, making it soft and radiant.


Fastest, most efficient tanning oil, formulated with skin-loving ingredients. It will bring you glowing, radiant, recharged, hydrated tan in record time.


Nourishing, hydrating formula of BYROKKO two-phase tanning spray with natural oils and hyaluronic acid for express, more intense tanning.

  • For all skin types
  • Light on the skin
  • Real results
  • Instant hydration
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Give your skin a radiant look with a juicy watermelon scent!

High-performance tanning formula your skin deserves.

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Tan smart & glow on!

What’s inside

1x Watermelon Cream:
Easy-to-apply, long-lasting tanning cream for an intense tan in record time. It will also hydrate your skin and create subtle natural looking glow.

1x Watermelon Oil:
The ultimate tanning oil that helps you tan faster but is also an amazing skin treatment which delivers hydration and nourishment, moisturizes your skin and transforms it into the glowiest and dewiest skin possible.

1x Watermelon Two-phase Tanning Spray:
Two-in-one active tanning spray that accelerates and strengthens the tanning process. Allows you to combine two separate formula compositions into one, offering a unique texture, experience and feel.

Product info

Our Watermelon Trio Bundle contains three of our most-loved and effective tanning products, tanning oil, tanning cream and two-phase tanning spray, with an improved formula and a new, fresh twist: juicy and delicate watermelon scent.

High-performance tanning formula of our products will enhance your natural tanning process. They will also nourish and hydrate your skin, making it soft, radiant and ready for soaking up the sun. You can also use them in sunbeds.

All three products are very easy to apply and they absorb immediately, without leaving your skin sticky or greasy. They are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Keep your skin soft and luminous as you enjoy the sun and achieve your darkest tan in record time!


Have a question? We got answers! Find yours below or contact our support.

Do I have to be in the sun to use these products?

Yes, you will have to be sun-tanning for these products to work, but you may also use our tanning products in sunbeds.

Are the products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, of course! Our tanning products are suitable for all skin types. We, however, do suggest using extra skin protection if your skin is very sensitive.

How often should I reapply them for best results?

We suggest reapplying every one to two hours for the best results on the sun or in a sunbed.

Can these products help me tan faster in the winter?

Products in this bundle are not for instant self-tan, they require the sun or a sunbed to provide a deep, golden glow. If you want a sun-free tan during the winter, we recommend using our self-tan range for an instant fake tan.

ByRokko cares

Chemical nasties? No, thanks. Tested on animals? Definitely not. Only premium ingredients? Yes, of course!

ByRokko takes no shortcuts in bringing you the best for your skin. Our products contain only the finest natural and nourishing ingredients loved by every skin type.

Our mission

Our principal goal is to share our knowledge of #smarttanning and assure you a beautiful, bronzed and natural tan.

We are combining the beauty of a glowing tan with the convenience and lushness of our natural tanning products.

Step up your tanning game & be your perfect self.

Best ingredients, real results.

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(388 reviews)
Linda P.
Verified buyer
Best bundle with all my favorite products for the summer! The formula I completely trust & such yummi watermelon smell!
Linda L.
Verified buyer
These 100 % work for tanning! Perfect gift for all my girlfriends <3
Deborah K.
Verified buyer
I already loved Shine Brown cream, oil and two-phase spray and when I realised there is also a watermelon version I had to try them all! Since then, this bundle is my go-to for all travels in warm climate!
Linda M.
Verified buyer
I loove this watermelon smell! And all products are soo hydrating and feel extremely good on my skin! Not to mention they are the only ones to get me tanned!
Linda E.
Verified buyer
BYROKKO is the only brand I trust to get me tanned in no time! I think this new formula works even quicker! And i'm a huge fan of watermelon so I bought this bundle the minute it came out
Dorothy D.
Verified buyer
These products are simply perfect. All three last me the whole summer & help me maintain that golden tan everyone is jealous of!
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