XXL Tan Bundle

1x Shine Brown Tropical Cream (150 g) + 1x Shine Brown Watermelon Cream (200 ml) + 1x Shine Brown Chocolate Cream (200 ml) - 3x super fast bronzing creams for intense natural tan
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Can't decide whether you're in the mood for some chocolate, watermelon or tropical fruits? Why not all of them! This bundle brings you three of our most popular bronzing creams that will undoubtedly help you achieve the ultimate sun-kissed glow! All creams are easy-to-apply, long-lasting and will give you an intense tan in record time.


Super active tropical tanning cream with a tanning enhancer complex will help you achieve your true tanning potential. It has a silky, creamy texture that absorbs rapidly and leaves no unpleasant oily residue. A unique combination of oils and butters will ensure you a nourished, beautifully tanned skin.


High performance tanning cream that enables extremely fast natural tanning and richly nourishes the skin, making it soft and radiant. Enriched with watermelon extract to naturally enhance melanin while leaving you smelling fruity fresh.


This delicious cream contains only the best quality butters and oils and smells heavenly, just like the real chocolate. Just like our other tanning products from the Shine Brown family, this tanning hero enhances tan acceleration, providing a deep, rich and radiant sun-kissed colour.

Watermelon, chocolate or tropical fruits?

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Achieve the most intense tan in record time!

What’s inside

BYROKKO products are developed with nature in mind. They contain no nasties, parabens or sulfates, just the best premium ingredients.

1x Shine Brown Tropical Cream:
Promises you a bronze skin color, shiny and tanned complexion, and very soft, spreadable, deliciously lightweight texture.

1x Shine Brown Watermelon Cream:
Enjoy our breathable skin formula with the most natural fresh watermelon scent and achieve a deep natural tan that will last all summer.

1x Shine Brown Chocolate Cream:
Expect exceptional, rich and intense results regardless of your skin type & enjoy the natural bronzing experience with our best-selling chocolate formula that nurtures and hydrates your skin.

Product info

With this bundle, you'll be the tan queen all summer! We made sure we included all three newest bronzing creams we created especially for you: Shine Brown Tropical, Watermelon and Chocolate.

Everyone who has tried our bestselling original Shine Brown tanning cream knows it gets you tanned super fast – but these three beauties come with an improved formula!

Shine Brown Chocolate and Watermelon creams for intense XXL tan are the real dream! We've put many hours of work into them to make tanning even better and we're happy to present to you these delicious mixtures with a perfect texture and easy-to-spread formula that will melt into your skin immediately and enhance tan acceleration, providing you with a deep, rich and radiant sun-kissed color.

They contain only the best quality butters and oils and will delight you with the smells of real chocolate and fresh watermelon.

Meanwhile our new Tropical cream boasts even lighter structure than Chocolate and Watermelon creams – its formulation includes water components that will provide your skin with a super moisturizing effect while you’re tanning!


Have a question? We got answers! Find yours below or contact our support.

How to use the creams?

Apply them evenly over the entire body and reapply frequently, especially after swimming and toweling. Avoid exposure to the sun during midday hours (11am – 4pm).

Do they leave any marks on clothes?

No, the bronzing creams leave no marks on the clothes! Just make sure you spread the product you are using well on the skin and let it absorb for a few minutes.

Do I have to be in the sun to use these products?

Yes, you will have to be sun-tanning for the creams to work. You may also use all our tanning products in sunbeds.

Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, of course! Our tanning products are suitable for all skin types. We, however, do suggest using extra skin protection if your skin is very sensitive.

ByRokko cares

Chemical nasties? No, thanks. Tested on animals? Definitely not. Only premium ingredients? Yes, of course!

ByRokko takes no shortcuts in bringing you the best for your skin. Our products contain only the finest natural and nourishing ingredients loved by every skin type.

All topped with our exclusive BYROKKO ™ formula & the delicious scents that will take you to paradise.

Our mission

Our principal goal is to share our knowledge of #smarttanning and assure you a beautiful, bronzed and natural tan.

We are combining the beauty of a glowing tan with the convenience and lushness of our natural tanning products.

Step up your tanning game & be your perfect self.

Three is never a crowd!

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(312 reviews)
Barbara D.
Verified buyer
Every summer I need a few packages of ByRokko tanning creams so this bundle is just perfect for me. My favorite is chocolate because the smell and texture is literally the same as the real chocolate but the other two are great as well!!
Sarah M.
Verified buyer
Best creams on the market! I swear you won't be disappointed!
Deborah K.
Verified buyer
No other products work on my skin but these are bomb every time! My skin gets dark in a week, I don't peel, legs and arms are smooth and soft. So glad they have them with different scents now – I haven't tried watermelon from this bundle yet, but chocolate and tropical cream are both amazing!
Mary H.
Verified buyer
Absolutely the best and yummiest products for tanning out there!
Rebecca D.
Verified buyer
I started with Shine Brown original cream and now I buy every new cream ByRokko puts on the market. When I saw this bundle of course I had to have all three! I have to say all three are amazing and very effective. Maybe the tropical scent is still my favorite because it reminds me of summer days but I recommend everyone to try chocolate and watermelon too, they are really something special!
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The ultimate innovation for xxl tanning

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